It used to be that for many consumers if they couldn’t get vehicle financing from traditional lenders that they would be excluded from being able to own their own vehicles. This is thankfully not the case any longer.

The traditional vehicle financing process dictates that you have a clear credit record, regardless of how much deposit you have to offer in support of your application. This is where Earn a Car’s vehicle financing solution differs. Earn a Car differs from the traditional vehicle financing process in that we don’t run any credit checks on our customers. We are in the business of getting South Africans mobile and helping blacklisted consumers to eventually own their own car.

How can Earn a Car Help You Earn Your Vehicle?

Our innovative and marketing leading vehicle financing solution helps our customers to benefit from a far less strict vetting procedure. With the traditional vehicle financing route consumers need to have a clear credit record in order to qualify for financing. This excludes many blacklisted consumers from ever being able to own their own vehicle.

This is luckily no longer the case. With Earn a Car, we don’t perform credit checks on our customers. This means that should you meet the minimum requirements that you would be able to benefit from our vehicle financing to eventually own your own vehicle.

Here are a few of the requirements that you need to meet:

  • Be older than 25 years if male
  • Provide 3 months’ bank statements
  • Proof of address and ID and
  • No criminal record

By meeting these and other criteria you will be able to enjoy the benefits of eventually owning your very own vehicle outright. Contact Earn a Car to learn more about our affordable and flexible vehicle financing solutions.