Here is your quick guide to car purchasing and blacklisted vehicle finance. Are you looking to buy your first car? Perhaps you want to trade in your old car for the newer model? Whatever your car needs, here’s your quick and easy guide to buying a car, whether or not you’re blacklisted.

What to look for when purchasing a second hand car

Second hand cars (or pre-owned cars) are excellent value for money. You can pick up a really lovely car without having to fork out the massive price for buying new. There are however, certain things you should look for when purchasing a pre-owned car:

  • Make sure the car has all the necessary documentation. This is especially true when buying a car from a private seller. Insist on a full service history and inspect it carefully.
  • Always test drive the vehicle and if possible, hire a professional to check that it is in good running order.
  • Do some research as to how much you should be paying for a car of a certain age/model, etc. This can help you avoid being ripped off.
  • Try and negotiate the price down. You will also get a better idea of the kind of person you’re buying from through these negotiations.
  • Roadworthy certificates are non-negotiable… However do note that this certificate does not guarantee that the car is good. It merely states that it meets minimum safety and road worthy requirements.

Paying for your new car

Most people aren’t able to buy a car cash. You will have to get some kind of vehicle finance and pay back the amount each month. To get vehicle finance, you can apply at your bank or at the car dealership. If you are credit blacklisted, there are companies that will assist you in purchasing a pre-owned car as long as you meet their minimum requirements.

Purchasing a car can mean purchasing your freedom. Find out more today about vehicle finance for blacklisted customers.