When you purchase a car, either through a loan from a bank, vehicle finance or on a rent-to-buy basis, it is essential that you service and maintain your vehicle, constantly. Regular maintenance is crucial for several reasons, both mechanical and financial.

Maintenance extends the life of your rent-to-own car

The most obvious benefit of maintenance is that it keeps your car in good condition, takes care of any mechanical problems that arise from time to time, and ensures that you have full use of your car, for longer. You also reduce the probability of breakdowns and give yourself peace of mind, knowing that, barring anything unexpected, your car will provide you with safe and smooth travels.

Regular services reduce your repair costs

Regular services help you to keep track of general wear and tear on your vehicle and to fix any problems as and when they occur. If your car is not serviced and then breakdowns suddenly, you are most likely to find yourself having to deal with expensive repairs. 

A full service history improves the resale value

If you maintain your car and are able to provide proof of your vehicle’s service history, you can ask for a higher price for the vehicle when you decide to sell it. Like an asset, a car needs to be maintained, for you to get the best from it. While it is true that a car’s value does not appreciate as time passes, you can still keep its value relatively high through good, regular maintenance. 

Need a new car? Consider rent to buy car financing 

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