Very few first time car buyers think of the hassles and expenses involved in buying a new car. First and foremost, first-time car buyers might find it hard to acquire affordable car finance deals and then a budget still needs to be drawn up to ensure that all expenses are considered including the initial down payment, following monthly instalments, ongoing servicing and maintenance and of course insurance costs and potential roadside assistance in the future. The best advice for first-time car buyers is to do your homework and of course look for a way to buy your car in a way that is beneficial to you and your budget.

Earn-a-car is the best way to purchase your first vehicle or gain access to car financing. Unfortunately, not all first time buyers will easily get credit. In fact, you might even be looking for car finance with a bad credit rating, which is almost impossible to achieve. Most car finance companies are looking for first time buyers with a great credit track record. Remember that when you do acquire car financing that it won’t cover servicing, general maintenance and upkeep or insurance costs.

That’s what makes Earn-a-car the place to go for the first time buyer. When you apply for vehicle finance with us, we give you more than just the cash you need to purchase the vehicle. If you meet with our minimum requirements and are approved for the car loan, you will receive a variety of perks that will ease the financial burden of owning a car. These include (per month):

  • R300 cash back minimum to spend on your vehicle.
  • No less than R250 towards your vehicle maintenance.
  • Peace of mind that should you be involved in a car accident; a towing company will be hired to assist you.
  • Access to a courtesy car if you are involved in an accident.
  • Emergency roadside assistance and vehicle breakdown assistance.
  • Accident cover.
  • Vehicle tracking device and service.

You can even earn cash when you partner with Earn-a-car. It’s safe to say that other car sales company will struggle to match this particular type of value for money.

Affording a car is made simple at Earn-a-car

Earning a car has never been easier than with Earn-a-car. We welcome you to find out how our vehicle financing works and how you stand to benefit. For more information and advice, contact us at Earn-a-car via email or telephone today.