6 12, 2012

It has never been easier to get vehicle finance Gauteng

By |2012-12-06T16:48:02+02:006 December 2012|Vehicle finance|

If you live and work in Gauteng, you know how important it is to have a car. If you don’t have a car, finding vehicle finance in Gauteng will make your life a lot easier. Without a car, you simply can’t be productive in Gauteng. Not having a car is a serious barrier to your success because without a car [...]

26 11, 2012

Get easy vehicle finance in Gauteng

By |2012-11-26T09:36:16+02:0026 November 2012|Vehicle finance|

If you’re battling to get finance to buy a new car, you’ll be happy to know there is an easier way to get vehicle finance in Gauteng. Having your own car is essential if you need to get to and from work, meet clients or simply manage your life efficiently. Being blacklisted can make trying to buy a car [...]

12 09, 2012

Introducing a flexible, fuss-free alternative to conventional vehicle finance in Gauteng

By |2021-08-11T11:32:35+02:0012 September 2012|Vehicle finance|

Does the following scenario sound all too familiar?  You have your heart set on a car you spotted at a local motor dealer. You can definitely afford the monthly repayments, so – armed with your ID, drivers’ license, bank statements and proof of income – you apply for vehicle finance.  Everything seems in order.  While the consultant processes your [...]

11 06, 2012

Tips for finding vehicle finance in Gauteng

By |2012-06-07T09:51:14+02:0011 June 2012|Vehicle finance|

Owning a car can certainly make your life more convenient, but searching for vehicle finance in Gauteng can prove to be difficult and time-consuming, especially if you’ve made financial mistakes in the past. You have several choices when it comes to getting financing for the vehicle you want, but before you start your search for your new car, it’s [...]

22 03, 2012

Value for money with vehicle finance in Gauteng

By |2012-03-20T11:25:47+02:0022 March 2012|Vehicle finance|

There is a way for blacklisted consumers to qualify for vehicle financing in Gauteng. Earn a Car offers blacklisted vehicle financing to consumers listed on ITC and other credit bureaus. Their unique model will have you mobile in less than 24 hours and earning your own car. In today’s day and age it is incredibly important to have access [...]

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