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27 04, 2015

How we can give you affordable vehicle financing – even if you have bad credit

By |2015-03-30T09:11:56+02:0027 April 2015|Bad Credit Rating, Blog, Car Finance|

Getting a car loan or vehicle financing is not difficult but if you have any bad credit or you are blacklisted the process may be a little bit harder than anticipated. Many companies may not be too keen on giving customers credit if they are blacklisted purely for the fact you have bad credit and there are chances they [...]

20 04, 2015

What does being blacklisted really mean – and how can you change your status?

By |2015-03-30T09:04:12+02:0020 April 2015|Bad Credit Rating, Blacklisted credit, Blog|

In today’s life it isn’t easy to prevent being blacklisted. Things may go really well and suddenly your life could crash and burn leaving you with debt you cannot pay and resulting in your wonderful name being tarnished. Being blacklisted is, for some people, their worst nightmare come true. What does being blacklisted really mean? Hearing those dreaded words [...]

13 04, 2015

How to find the right company for affordable vehicle financing

By |2015-03-30T08:58:18+02:0013 April 2015|Blog, Car Finance|

Finding a company that could help you with vehicle financing is pretty easy. It becomes hard when you have bad credit to get any type of vehicle finance, but finding a company that could offer you an affordable car loan is a completely different scenario especially when you are blacklisted. How should you choose the right company for affordable [...]

6 04, 2015

Need a new car on the double? Get vehicle financing in just 24 hours

By |2015-03-30T08:52:58+02:006 April 2015|Blacklisted finance, Blog, Car Finance|

Everyone wishes to own their own car but being blacklisted could really dampen the chances of you getting vehicle financing for that car you have been obsessed about. It doesn’t matter if you want a used car or a brand spanking new car, you could apply for a car loan and within six years you could be the proud [...]

9 02, 2015

Three Ways to Beat Bad Credit

By |2015-01-14T10:07:31+02:009 February 2015|Bad Credit Rating, Car Finance|

Being plagued by bad credit can really bring a person’s day to day lifestyle to its knees. You wander around counting your coins, checking your pockets, stressing over things which you believe you cannot change, until someone comes along and shows you how to. How to make the needed change in your life which will rectify your bad credit [...]

26 01, 2015

Blacklisted? Here’s how you can turn your life around with a great second hand car

By |2014-12-12T08:21:55+02:0026 January 2015|Bad Credit Rating, Blog, Car Finance|

Being blacklisted doesn’t mean you have to give up on the idea of upgrading your vehicle. With the right vehicle financing options, you can invest in a great second hand car and stand to benefit from a wealth of added advantages. Buying a second hand vehicle does not need to be a risky or daunting experience. By turning to [...]

19 01, 2015

Bounce back from December spending with unique vehicle financing from Earn-a-Car

By |2015-01-14T09:14:05+02:0019 January 2015|Bad Credit Rating, Blacklisted finance, Blog|

If you are thinking about upgrading to a better car in January 2015, you might find December spending has caused a bit of a tight budget. Vehicle financing options might seem daunting, especially when you consider the hefty monthly instalments often attached. This does not need to be the case if you take the time to consider the unique [...]

12 01, 2015

Why earning your own second hand car is the smart choice for 2015

By |2014-12-12T08:21:50+02:0012 January 2015|Bad Credit Rating, Blog, Vehicle finance|

Earning your own second hand car is certainly a wise choice if you want to keep costs down and take ownership of your vehicle. How does it work? Earning your own car works on a rent to own basis. This means you put down an initial deposit and then pay a monthly instalment to rent the vehicle until it [...]

5 01, 2015

How you can make 2015 a year to remember – and say goodbye to bad credit

By |2014-12-12T08:21:44+02:005 January 2015|Bad Credit Rating, Blog|

Purchasing a new car could be just what you need to make 2015 a year to remember. Opting to buy a second hand car is the best way to say goodbye to potentially bad credit and ensure you benefit from a wealth of value added services and extras that form part of the various packages on the market. Purchasing [...]

15 12, 2014

How to get a car loan with bad credit

By |2014-11-12T10:55:39+02:0015 December 2014|Blog, Car Finance|

If you are blacklisted or have a bad credit rating you will struggle to acquire vehicle finance or a loan of any type for that matter. Whether you have looked at new or second hand cars as options, applying for credit can become a real hassle if your credit history isn’t good. You might even start to feel like [...]

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