14 01, 2013

Earn yourself 1,000 bucks with a referral

By |2014-04-30T14:03:27+02:0014 January 2013|Earn Cash for Referrals|

A referral is the quickest, easiest way for you to make easy money. Earn yourself R 1,000 from Earn-a-Car when your referral turns into a signed deal. Want to find out how you can make that easy money? Here’s how! Earn-a-Car’s referral system allows you to make simple, easy money. It’s the perfect money-making opportunity for stay at home [...]

15 11, 2012

Earn hard cash through anonymous referrals

By |2014-05-05T12:34:33+02:0015 November 2012|Earn Cash for Referrals|

Would you like to make some extra cash on the side? If you answered yes, then earning money through referrals is the solution for you. If you now someone who is looking to buy a car, sending us their details will be the easiest R1,000 you have earned. That’s right, we pay R1,000 for every successful sales lead. All [...]

7 11, 2012

Know someone who needs a car? We pay R1,000 for successful referrals

By |2014-04-30T13:58:39+02:007 November 2012|Earn a Car|

If you now someone who is looking to buy a car, you could earn R1,000. Yes, it is that easy to earn cash through referrals. All you need to is provide us with the person’s contact details and R1,000 will be sent to you if the lead is successful, we will pay you your R1,000. These days an extra [...]

2 08, 2012

Refer someone to Earn a Car and receive R1,000

By |2014-04-30T14:04:55+02:002 August 2012|Blog, Earn a Car|

You will find that there are many reasons you would want to make referrals to Earn a Car. Not only will we help your contact to source affordable and credible blacklisted vehicle finance but we’ll reward you handsomely for your referral. If your referral converts into a successfully signed contract, you will not only have helped your contact find [...]

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