buying a car while blacklisted

15 01, 2018

Get to own a Vehicle – Even After the Banks Have Turned You Down

By |2017-12-20T10:25:11+02:0015 January 2018|Blog|

When you’re living in South Africa, having access to your own vehicle is not just a luxury – it is a necessity! But what happens if you have a bad credit record? It is not easy… And very disheartening. Most financial institutions will turn you down for motor vehicle finance in South Africa if you don’t have a good [...]

8 01, 2018

DIY Car Maintenance Tips to Save You Money!

By |2017-12-20T10:02:48+02:008 January 2018|Blog|

Whether you have applied for car finance while you have a bad credit record, or whether your credit record is in a healthy standing, one thing will always be true: keeping your car in tip-top condition will save you money and keep it running beautifully. Neglecting to take care of your car’s basic maintenance is a big no-no! Worse, [...]

1 01, 2018

How to Get Approved for A Bad Credit Car Loan In 2018

By |2017-12-20T09:56:49+02:001 January 2018|Blog|

So, you’re in desperate need of a new car! But, unfortunately, your credit record is a little less than healthy… What to do? Well, thanks to Earn-A-Car, a poor credit record is no longer an obstacle! We offer the best vehicle finance to people with low credit scores, helping them to get on the road with less hassle - [...]

18 12, 2017

Five Used Car Financing Tips You Need Right Now

By |2017-11-28T13:45:43+02:0018 December 2017|Blog|

Your home is your number one expense. Chances are that after your home, your second-biggest financial commitment that you will undertake is that of your car. And yet, no car – new or used – can be regarded as an investment. Add to that the stress you may be experiencing about the ever-increasing cost of living, and the fear [...]

11 12, 2017

How to Get a Bad Credit Car Loan – Today

By |2017-11-28T13:40:16+02:0011 December 2017|Blog|

Having a car is an essential element of our day to day lives in South Africa. Public transport is erratic, unsafe and expensive. The only reliable option is to own your own car. However, there are many barriers: A poor credit profile, If you do not want to have a loan on your name, No credit history, If you [...]

4 12, 2017

Is Your Car Ready to Travel This Summer Holiday?

By |2017-11-28T13:12:09+02:004 December 2017|Blog|

Are you going to be hitting the open road this summer holiday? Road trips are an adventure to enjoy – not merely a means to a destination. However, for maximum fun, it is important that your car is ready to travel. Being organised and safe are the number one priorities when planning an epic drive. Don’t Let a Lack [...]

13 11, 2017

The Best Family Cars for Anyone with Bad Credit

By |2017-11-22T13:30:04+02:0013 November 2017|Blog|

Bad credit rating? Blacklisted? Need a car for your family? No problem! Earn-A-Car offers an easy, affordable and accessible rent-to-own car finance option for clients who have traditionally not been able to get a car with bad credit. And, there is a huge range of pre-owned family cars for you to choose from. The Ideal Family Car If you [...]

9 10, 2017

How does your credit rating affect your vehicle financing?

By |2017-11-22T12:43:57+02:009 October 2017|Blog|

Vehicle financing in South Africa is quite strict when it comes to the issuing of car finance with bad credit. If you’ve only just started working or you’re buying a car while blacklisted, it will be difficult applying for car financing if you go the traditional route. Banks and traditional institutions will “penalise” you for having a poor credit [...]

11 09, 2017

Looking for a Great Used Car at a Low Interest Rate?

By |2017-11-22T10:52:37+02:0011 September 2017|Blog|

If you are keen on buying a second-hand car and are hoping to find the best vehicle finance that promises a low, worry-free interest rate, stop what you’re doing right now. Earn-A-Car have a much better proposition for you! Rent-to-Own  At Earn-A-Car, we specialise in helping our clients get hold of a vehicle in South Africa. We make it [...]

28 08, 2017

Let Your Car Help You Get Un-blacklisted

By |2017-08-11T09:21:29+02:0028 August 2017|Blog, Vehicle finance|

Getting affordable motor vehicle finance in South Africa can seem like a nightmare, especially if you're buying a car while blacklisted. Getting your vehicle finance application denied can leave you with little hope of ever being able to gain mobility and independence from the public transport system.   Thankfully, Earn-A-Car's progressive rent-to-own business model provides easy vehicle finance that's [...]