Blacklisted vehicle finance South Africa

4 10, 2012

Blacklisted vehicle finance – a contradiction in terms? No, says SA firm.

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“Loan application declined.”  Do those words sound depressingly familiar?  If so, it’s probably due to your having a bad credit record, which means the same thing will definitely happen when you apply for financing to purchase a car. But there is another way to get blacklisted vehicle finance in South Africa, without having to experience the disappointment and shame [...]

11 07, 2012

Help is available for blacklisted vehicle finance in South Africa

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If you find yourself listed with credit bureaus and in need of blacklisted vehicle finance in South Africa, there is a way for you to still earn your own car. You will not be punished with high interest rates or ridiculous fees either. Earn-a-Car helps blacklisted consumers with vehicle finance and offers them a chance to own their own [...]

21 06, 2012

Blacklisted people in South Africa have other vehicle finance options

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Finding vehicle finance in South Africa if you’re blacklisted might leave you feeling hopeless, but despite previous disappointments, there are ways to get you behind the wheel of a car. When you are blacklisted, banks and other institutions may be reluctant to give you financing, but since being blacklisted isn’t uncommon in South Africa, there are car companies who [...]

25 03, 2012

Owning your own car through blacklisted vehicle finance in South Africa

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If you find yourself unable to qualify for vehicle finance due to a poor credit record, there are options blacklisted vehicle finance in South Africa offers to you. Earn a Car is a company dedicated to helping blacklisted consumers become mobile in 24 hours or less and to facilitate them with the eventual ownership of their own vehicle. Earn [...]

20 03, 2012

Easy blacklisted vehicle finance South Africa

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There is now a solution for consumers searching for easy blacklisted vehicle finance in South Africa. With Earn a Car’s blacklisted vehicle finance; consumers can now qualify for a quality pre-owned vehicle with no credit checks required. Earn a Car will have you mobile in 24 hours. Their unique model will help you to not only rehabilitate your credit [...]