20 11, 2012

How to get vehicle finance if you’re blacklisted

By |2012-11-20T11:24:47+02:0020 November 2012|Blacklisted finance|

Unfortunately, many South Africans are all too familiar with being blacklisted. However, being blacklisted doesn’t rule out vehicle finance for you. It is hard to plan for financial hurdles and we can’t always control the events in our lives. This means that you can get yourself into bad debt even if you stick to a tight budget. Unforeseen expenses [...]

14 08, 2012

If being blacklisted is driving you mad, this financing solution will keep you sane!

By |2012-08-14T10:17:18+02:0014 August 2012|Blacklisted finance|

If you have a less than immaculate credit record, or have been listed as a “slow payer”, you’ll understand the frustration of trying to apply for blacklisted financing, not to mention the inevitable sense of disappointment, when - after a routine credit check – your request is met with denial. Although you may fulfill every other requirement, once your [...]

17 07, 2012

How you can earn your own car through blacklisted finance

By |2012-07-17T09:13:45+02:0017 July 2012|Blacklisted credit, Blacklisted finance|

There is a solution available to you if you are in need of blacklisted finance. Many people who have been blacklisted find it difficult if not near to impossible to qualify for traditional vehicle finance from South Africa’s major banks. Those that are indeed willing to offer help punishes blacklisted consumers with incredibly high interest rates and other ridiculous [...]

21 03, 2012

Qualifying for blacklisted finance in South Africa

By |2012-03-20T11:24:34+02:0021 March 2012|Blacklisted finance|

If you have been blacklisted, you will probably find it difficult to qualify for important things like vehicle and property finance. With blacklisted finance in South Africa, blacklisted consumers now have the chance to qualify for vehicle finance. Having your own transport in South Africa is essential for not only being able to earn a living but maintaining your [...]

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