17 12, 2012

Tips to rectify you blacklisted credit record

By |2013-01-10T17:19:30+02:0017 December 2012|Blacklisted credit|

If you have a poor credit record, or if you are blacklisted, you know that most financial institutions are not willing to lend money to you. Unfortunately if you are in this situation, your savings are probably drained and you may be unable to get a car. Steps to follow if you think you are blacklisted Contact the credit [...]

2 10, 2012

Blacklisted credit record? Get vehicle finance here

By |2012-10-02T10:32:48+02:002 October 2012|Blacklisted finance|

If you’ve ever tried to apply for financing of any kind and suffered the humiliation and disappointment of being turned down due to a blacklisted credit record with the ITC, or a previous history of being a slow/late payer, you’ll be delighted to know that Earn-a-Car has a solution for you. While other avenues may not be open to [...]

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