23 05, 2016

Don’t let being blacklisted keep you from owning a car

By |2016-04-21T11:15:19+02:0023 May 2016|Blacklisted vehicle, Blog|

You’re blacklisted...and all your vehicle finance options seem limited, or even non-existent! Don’t worry – you’re not alone. Thousands of South African’s find themselves in the same boat and still they manage to acquire vehicle finance deals that work for them. If you need transport, don’t let being blacklisted keep you from owning a car. At Earn-a-Car we’ll assist [...]

2 05, 2016

How car finance can help improve bad credit

By |2016-04-21T10:53:53+02:002 May 2016|Blacklisted finance, Blog|

If you are blacklisted or have a bad credit rating, obtaining car finance can be difficult, but not impossible. Getting car finance can even help you to improve your bad credit rating? How? Blacklisted car finance, once approved, gives you the opportunity to prove yourself as a good and prompt payer. All of your vehicle repayments will be reported [...]

25 04, 2016

Car finance when blacklisted – Is it real?

By |2016-03-31T09:20:17+02:0025 April 2016|Blacklisted credit, Blacklisted finance|

When you are blacklisted, you are not able to make any debt. It is possible however, to get blacklisted car finance. If you are in need of a car and are blacklisted, you can now easily get vehicle finance assistance. Blacklisted car finance is a feature made especially for people with a bad credit record. How to get car [...]

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