18 08, 2014

How to get vehicle financing after filing for bankruptcy

By |2014-07-29T08:34:00+02:0018 August 2014|Blog, Vehicle finance|

Finding yourself in a situation plagued by bad credit and financial constraints can be incredibly stressful. Applying for vehicle financing, when what you owe is higher than your bank balance, can seem like travelling on a dead-end road. Having mobility in South Africa is essential. Overcoming debt and bad credit requires a carefully planned process, but receiving finance for [...]

11 08, 2014

What are your options when looking for a used car?

By |2014-07-29T08:30:34+02:0011 August 2014|Blog, Vehicle finance|

It’s daunting, isn’t it? New and used cars come at a price tag and you simply have to know what you’re buying into from the get-go. The market for pre-owned cars is bigger than most people realise. With so many choices it’s difficult to know where to start. A clear mind and a set plan of action can easily [...]

4 08, 2014

How to budget for vehicle financing

By |2014-07-29T08:25:35+02:004 August 2014|Blog, Vehicle finance|

A car is often the second most expensive purchase to dip its fingers into your pocket after a home. The vehicle financing you choose, according to your budget, can make all the difference on your future financial security. In this day and age, there is hardly anyone making ends meet without the weight of debt on their hands. Today’s [...]

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