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11 07, 2016

How to reduce your car payments to zero every month – and fix your bad credit rating

By |2016-06-29T12:00:04+02:0011 July 2016|Bad Credit Rating|

More essential than optional Despite various public transport options, the need to own your own car can be attested by the approximately 10,818,695 vehicles on South African roads. Lack of safe and reliable public transport, along with the accumulated costs of using these services, means that buying a car is often a necessity – even if you have a [...]

13 07, 2015

How to reduce your car payments to zero every month – and fix your bad credit rating

By |2015-06-26T11:12:56+02:0013 July 2015|Blacklisted finance, Blog|

Bad credit can affect us in a number of ways. Not only is it hard to nearly impossible to obtain new lines of credit, but it also forces us to take a cold, hard look at our current financial situation. If you are looking at ways to reduce your monthly expenses, this is a step in the right direction. [...]

8 06, 2015

New baby on the way? Upsize your car with affordable vehicle financing

By |2015-05-21T12:04:58+02:008 June 2015|Blog, Rent to buy, Vehicle finance|

When you (or your partner) is expecting a little one, you need to get ready for many changes in and around the home. Not only do you need to consider things such as the safety elements in your house, but you also need to think about the practicality of your existing vehicles. There are a number of reasons why [...]

1 06, 2015

Four questions to ask yourself before you buy a car and commit to vehicle financing programmes

By |2015-05-21T12:00:31+02:001 June 2015|Blog, Vehicle finance|

Buying a car is a big commitment. In South Africa especially, cars are pretty expensive (compared to vehicle prices in the rest of the world). At Earn-A-Car, we often see people committing to vehicle finance and car payments before carefully considering their options. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before you buy a car and commit [...]

25 05, 2015

New driver in the family? Celebrate with a great set of wheels, even if you’re blacklisted

By |2015-05-04T08:43:45+02:0025 May 2015|Blog, Vehicle finance|

A new driver in the family usually means a new set of wheels. Earn-a-Car has many car brands, makes and models to choose from. Earn-a-Car offers instant credit approval and as long as you have proof of income and a minimum down payment of R16,500, you will be able to meet our simple requirements. When using Earn-a-Car, we will [...]

18 05, 2015

Don’t fall for vehicle financing scams – speak to the right people today

By |2015-05-04T08:41:17+02:0018 May 2015|Blog, Vehicle finance|

There are many myths and scams regarding quick financing and getting fast money when it comes to vehicle financing. Unfortunately many scammers are out looking for new victims to scam. We at Earn-a-Car have been in the industry for years and we know how things work and how things don’t work when it comes to vehicle financing. This is [...]

11 05, 2015

How rent-to-own car programmes will help your bad credit rating disappear

By |2015-05-04T08:34:25+02:0011 May 2015|Blog, Vehicle finance|

When renting a car through us at Earn-a-Car, you will easily get rid of bad credit ratings. Renting through us shows you’re capable of following a monthly term contract, and bad credit ratings or a blacklisting will easily disappear as a result when you have successfully completed a rent to own programme. Earn-a-Car has an instant credit approval policy, [...]

27 04, 2015

How we can give you affordable vehicle financing – even if you have bad credit

By |2015-03-30T09:11:56+02:0027 April 2015|Bad Credit Rating, Blog, Car Finance|

Getting a car loan or vehicle financing is not difficult but if you have any bad credit or you are blacklisted the process may be a little bit harder than anticipated. Many companies may not be too keen on giving customers credit if they are blacklisted purely for the fact you have bad credit and there are chances they [...]

20 04, 2015

What does being blacklisted really mean – and how can you change your status?

By |2015-03-30T09:04:12+02:0020 April 2015|Bad Credit Rating, Blacklisted credit, Blog|

In today’s life it isn’t easy to prevent being blacklisted. Things may go really well and suddenly your life could crash and burn leaving you with debt you cannot pay and resulting in your wonderful name being tarnished. Being blacklisted is, for some people, their worst nightmare come true. What does being blacklisted really mean? Hearing those dreaded words [...]

13 04, 2015

How to find the right company for affordable vehicle financing

By |2015-03-30T08:58:18+02:0013 April 2015|Blog, Car Finance|

Finding a company that could help you with vehicle financing is pretty easy. It becomes hard when you have bad credit to get any type of vehicle finance, but finding a company that could offer you an affordable car loan is a completely different scenario especially when you are blacklisted. How should you choose the right company for affordable [...]

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