Starting the New Year with a great motor finance in South Africa sound greats. Now you can do it without the hassle of expensive motor vehicle finance.

If you are blacklisted, it is not easy to get vehicle finance, let alone at an affordable price. Vehicle finance companies in South Africa strive towards giving their clients the lowest and most affordable vehicle finance rates without having sleepless nights.

How to earn a new set of wheels at Earn-a-car

Earn-a-car is a fantastic company when it comes to looking for car finance deals, especially when you are blacklisted. Our experienced and dedicated consultants are always ready to help you get in the seat of your dream car in record time.

All you have to do to earn a car is the following:

  • Select the car of your choice from our wide range of great deals.
  • For every monthly payment you make, you earn R300 cash back, which you can use at the end of your contract to buy the car of your choice or spend the cash as you wish.
  • We credit your upfront fee against the purchase of the car from us.
  • We guarantee the upfront payments along with your cash back, when used together, will enable you to take ownership of the car you chose in as little as 54 Months.

You can also earn a little extra cash when referring someone who is blacklisted or can’t get vehicle finance, it pays to introduce them to us. You earn R1000 in cash for every successful lead that results in a sale.

Contact Earn-a-Car today if you want to start the New Year with great motor vehicle finance.