Smooth tyres are dangerous. They make it difficult to stop a moving vehicle, which can cause damage and injury. Read how tyre tread affects a vehicle’s ability to stop and how to check if your tyres need replacement here.

What do tyre treads do?

Tyre tread provides traction to make sure your vehicle has a good grip on the road. The grooves and channels on a tyre help your car to grip to the road and provide you with a smooth ride. Without tyre threads, you will lose control of your vehicle, especially during bad weather conditions. Tyre threads also affect the ability of a steering wheel to steer in the right direction. Without it, you risk causing a major accident on the road.  

Dangers of driving with smooth tyres

Smooth tyres do have the traction or grooves to ensure that your vehicle has a good grip on the road. Here are some dangers of driving with smooth tyre:

  • If the road is wet or icy, your car won’t be able to steer, resulting in you sliding off the road
  • If you drive at high speed, even on dry roads, won’t be able to obtain optimal grip, causing brake problems or brake systems to fail
  • If you hit a nail, pothole, or other sharp objects on the road, a bald tire can result in a complete blowout
  • Smooth tyres can cause major maintenance and repair issues in the long run

How to tell if your tires are bald

Here’s what to look for when checking your tyres:

  • Does your tyre hum when you change your speed? Take note of a thumping or humming sound that could indicate a problem with the tyre
  • Does your car wobble when you drive at low speeds? If you feel wobbling or bouncing, this could be a sign that your tyres need to be replaced
  • Does your steering wheel move on its own? Apart from this being a hazard on its own, it also indicates that your tyres are a cause for concern
  • Does your car experience vibration from time to time? If you balance your tyres and you’re still experiencing vibration, it is a sign that you need to replace bald tyres

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