Some people love the option of being able to own a car, even if they are blacklisted and are trying to improve their credit score. Why – because this type of vehicle finance takes the stress out of getting a car.  Here are six types of people that get back on the road with a lease-to-buy car.  

  1. Previous car owners that are blacklisted but need a reliable car for work. 
  2. People that need a car quickly and meet all of the Earn-a-Car pre-approval criteria.
  3. People that have only worked with cash and do not have a credit history, but do have proof of income.  
  4. Working adults, with a recent payslip, whom a bank has rejected their car finance application.
  5. People that need a car, are blacklisted but prefer not to get a personal loan.
  6. Young people that are in their first job and have not built a credit record yet. 

Why is a rent-to-buy a car a good idea? 

When you have a poor credit history, car leasing is a good option. With a rent-to-buy a car finance option, you rent the car at a fixed monthly fee, that remains the same throughout the contract term even if interest rates increase. Each monthly instalment you make serves as a repayment on the car you are driving. 

This makes budgeting a lot easier, as you will know how much to pay over a fixed time period, in order to finally own the car of your choice. And you do not have to stress about obtaining car finance.  You are also not locked into the contract, as Earn-a-Car normally allows customers to end the contract with one calendar months’ written notice and return the vehicle. Before doing so, we advise that you speak to our finance department first, as you may run the risk of losing your upfront admin fee. 

Need to earn cash? Earn-a-car will give you a cash reward for every successful lead you provide that results in a sale.  Contact us today if you think that a rent-to-own car finance option is a great idea.