Buying a car can be stressful, but a rent-to-buy car takes some of the pressure away as it provides easy vehicle finance even if you are blacklisted or have a bad credit rating. However, every prospective car owner must be proactive when choosing a car. Here are six important things to check when buying a pre-loved or pre-owned car.

1. Affordability of rent-to-buy pre-owned car 

The car you choose must fit your budget and lifestyle. Determine affordability by breaking down the costs into monthly payments, insurance and maintenance costs. Also, consider family requirements, such as the need for a more spacious car if there are children or if you need extra space for weekend getaways.

2. Future maintenance costs

The brand and category of car you choose should also be guided by the potential future maintenance costs of services and car parts. A pre-owned car might require more regular servicing than a new car. 

3. Service history of car

The service history of the pre-owned car shows whether the vehicle has been serviced regularly and by reputable companies or mechanics. The history of the vehicle can also be accessed via it’s VIN number to check if it was in any accidents. 

4. Odometer reading

The odometer reading of the pre-owned car indicates how far the car has been driven. A high odometer reading on a relatively young car could indicate that the car has been driven extensively, which is a risk. 

5. Mechanical inspection report

A mechanical inspection report provides proof that the pre-owned vehicle is in a good mechanical condition and is usually performed by a third party. A good vehicle inspection will also include a structural, electrical and body panel assessment. 

6. Test drive the pre-owned car

Always test drive the pre-owned car to listen for any strange noises and get a feel for the car on the road. Switch everything on and off in the car to ensure it is working well. The third-party doing the mechanical inspection can also do a test drive and give you professional feedback. 

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