Are you on your journey towards renting to own your own car? Purchasing a vehicle through a rent-to-own finance option is a lot easier than financing or leasing for those who have a poor or zero credit record. There are no credit checks required with rent-to-own and no interest. With all these benefits and more, it is easy to understand why rent-to-buy options are becoming more popular.

The Rent-to-Own Process

Rent-to-own is an easier way to get vehicle finance because you get a car without having to go through a long credit check. This makes the process that much easier to qualify for financing, especially if your credit record is less than stellar. All you need is your proof of identity, residence and income. There are no interest costs. Before opting for the rent-to-own option, complete the calculation to establish how much you can afford to pay for a car, monthly. With a rent-to-own car finance option, you will be paying a fixed, interest-free payment each month for the duration of your contract.

Is Taking Car Insurance on Your Rent-to-Own Vehicle Necessary?

Car insurance is the best way to ensure your financial safety and the protection of your vehicle while you are renting to own it. Often, the rent-to-own that you can choose from, are the latest models. And, often the deal includes basic insurance, roadside assistance and a tracking system as part of the package, with all rent-to-own costs built into the monthly instalments. Some deals even allow you to upgrade your vehicle after 18 months. The insurance cover in place provides third-party cover that protects you against claims from third parties for injuries and property damage incurred whilst you are renting to own your car. It is not fully-comprehensive insurance.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Getting Car Insurance

  • How much will you be paying for the vehicle at the end of the contract term? Compare this amount, with the price of buying a vehicle directly from a dealer and the cost of insurance.
  • What is included in the Car Insurance policy and what will your excess be? Will you receive third-party cover as well?
  • Are you allowed to sign-up to a fully-comprehensive car insurance policy at your preferred insurance provider?

Earn-a-Car’s Rent-to-Own Vehicles

When you rent-to-buy with us, you are guaranteed a reliable vehicle at an affordable price. We offer you the easiest way to own a pre-owned car. With our instant approval process that takes just two hours, owning a car is quick and hassle free. Our experienced and dedicated team are available now to get you back into the driving seat.


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