Earn-a-Car is a company that provides blacklisted vehicle owners with the chance to own their own cars. You can sell your car for cash to Earn-a-Car and take advantage of a great deal. At the same time you can feel good about knowing that your previously owned car will help a blacklisted person become mobile again.

In order for Earn-a-Car to be able to assist blacklisted consumers with blacklisted vehicle finance, they need second hand cars. This company has been around for a long time and continues to operate throughout South Africa, helping thousands of blacklisted consumers become mobile every year and provide for their families. You can rest assured that you will receive a great bargain on your vehicle and that you will be helping someone else in the process.

Here are a few more reasons why you should consider selling your car for cash to Earn-a-Car: 

  • Help someone earn their own car: Whereas if you were to sell your car for cash to a traditional dealership it might get resold to a first time buyer or someone with a healthy credit score, wouldn’t it be great to know your car would go to someone who could really use it? You could make a different in someone’s life simply by selling your car to Earn-a-Car
  • Cash in hand: If you are happy with the price Earn-a-Car will give you your cash in your hands straight away after you sell your car for cash – no need for unnecessary delays

To sell your car for cash with Earn-a-Car, contact their professional sales people today.

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