It’s the month of romance and what better way to celebrate than with a new set of wheels to fall in love with? At Earn-a-Car, our cars may not be brand new – we like to say pre-loved…pun intended – but they’re in such superb condition you’d think they were. Plus, we offer the best vehicle finance, especially if you have been turned down because of poor credit.


Rent to own is the way to go

Many vehicle finance companies will decline your application for car financing if you have a poor credit record or are blacklisted. At Earn-a-Car, we’ll approve you if you can provide proof of permanent employment and can afford the deposit and monthly payments. When you arrange car financing through us, you rent the vehicle and we retain ownership for the duration of your lease period. At the end of your lease period, your monthly rental fees are calculated as instalments towards buying your car. So, you do “earn” your car!


Choose easy vehicle finance with Earn-a-Car

Looking for vehicle finance in South Africa? Earn-a-Car offers the best vehicle finance with exceptional benefits:


  • Get R300 cash back every month

For each payment you make, we’ll give you R300 cash back. This amount is paid as a lump sum at the end of your lease period and you can use it to pay any amount still owing on your car.


  • Quick online process

Choose from our wide range of quality vehicles, fill in our online form and receive instant approval.


  • Blacklisted applications welcome

If you have a bad credit record, you can still apply for vehicle finance, if you are permanently employed and can afford the monthly payments on the car you want.


  • Insurance, servicing and more

Your Earn-a-Car monthly payment is inclusive of accident insurance, basic servicing costs, vehicle breakdown assist and many other added extras.


For information on Earn-a-Car’s affordable rent to own vehicle finance, contact us today.