Most car owners are so concerned about having access to convenient car financing and other issues, that they completely forget to prepare for occurrences such as roadside emergencies. Here are some helpful tips on how you can stay prepared in the case of a road side emergency.


What You Need To Have in Your Roadside Emergency Kit

Medical Kit: New and used cars that are purchased from reputable car dealers and vehicle finance companies come with a standard medical kit. This includes things like pain medication, bandages, antiseptic and plasters. As you can see, it’s a fairly simple kit that you can easily put together and keep in your boot in case you need it.

Crisis Medication: In addition to your usual medical kit, you should have an emergency kit that you can use in case of a crisis situation. For example, you might need shots for special medical conditions like asthma pumps and diabetes shots or bee stings. So having one of these is a matter of life and death.

Spare Tyre: For those that have used their spare tyre, please remember to replace it. It can be easy to forget that you don’t have one after you’ve used it at an emergency, which is why it’s so important to frequently check for your spare tyre to make sure that it’s still there.

Extra Cellphone Charger: There’s nothing worse than not being able to call for help in an accident because of a dead phone battery. Keeping an emergency phone charger in your cubby hole is a great way to keep yourself connected in case of emergencies.

Bottled Water: Staying hydrated during an emergency will help you remain calm and collected, while you can also use the bottled water to top up your radiator if needs be.

Warm Clothing: You never know where or when an emergency could occur. If it’s in the middle of winter or the dead of night, having an extra layer of clothing like a jersey or jacket to keep you warm will make the whole experience of waiting for roadside assistance that much easier.


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