Rent-to-own cars in Randburg with Earn-A-Car’s easy-to-use application process. We offer affordable financing options and monthly payments so that you can get on the road quickly. Whether you are blacklisted or have a bad credit history, we can help you to get a new or pre-owned vehicle to use around Randburg. 

How Rent-to-Own Cars Work In Randburg

When you rent-to-own cars, you receive the option of leasing a car with a monthly payment (a short or long-term financial plan). At the end of your payment term (or sooner if you can afford it), you will be able to own the car or trade it for a new vehicle. 

Earn-A-Car provides affordable monthly options and an upfront admin payment, but what makes us stand out is that we do not need to see your credit history. All we require is a valid ID, driver’s licence, and proof of employment. You don’t need to be earning a high income or have a good credit history to your name to choose from our rent-to-own vehicle options. 

Earn-A-Car believes in equal opportunity for everyone to get on the road and should you qualify for our financing options, we will do whatever it takes to ensure you get your vehicle ASAP.

Rent-To-Own Cars
Rent-To-Own Cars

Benefits Of Rent-to-Own Cars In Randburg

Why should you rent-to-own a car in Randburg? There are many reasons why you should use Earn-A-Car’s application process. Here are a few:

  • Affordable monthly fee and admin fee with no hidden costs or additional fees
  • Ability to terminate your rental agreement at only one month’s notice without any hassle
  • Vehicle Warranty
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Vehicle breakdown and roadside assistance
  • Comprehensive accident cover
  • Speedy online application process
  • A short-term period or long term rent-to-own agreement
  • Choose a new or pre-owned vehicle
  • You can get your car within 24 hours 

Do You Need a Car Today In Randburg?

We know that the cost of living in Randburg can be high. You might not have access to funds right now to finance a new car payment, or maybe you have debts that you are trying to pay off and that is okay with us. Rent-to-own a car in Randburg with Earn-A-Car to reduce your stress and get into a vehicle easily.

At Earn-A-Car, we understand that life happens and the economy is not always the easiest. We, therefore, strive to offer our customers the best service and affordable rent-to-own car options to ensure you have one less thing to worry about. Using our service allows you to own a car within a reasonable time frame and within a payment choice that suits your budget.

If you need a car, simply apply on our application page and let us know your details. No credit history required – just your proof of employment. We will respond to you as soon as we can to discuss our services with you. Once approved, we will arrange a vehicle that suits your budget. 

If life gives you lemons, you can trade down to a vehicle that is more within your price range or you can choose to cancel your agreement within a month’s notice. If you would like to buy your car sooner than the agreement ends, a purchase price will be calculated for you and you can receive a cashback reward built into the price.

Rent-to-own cars in Randburg today by giving our friendly agents a call
or by filling out our application form.