Rent-to-own cars in Alberton today with Earn-A-Car’s affordable fixed monthly rental plans. Whether you need a new or used car, have a limited budget, or have a bad credit history, we can help you back on the road quickly and easily. 

With Earn-A-Car, you only pay for what you can afford. No hidden fees are involved. Beat the stress, expenses, and lengthy application process that comes with loans and car finance by choosing to rent to own a car in Alberton today.

How Rent To Own Cars Works In Alberton

Alberton, Johannesburg is a peaceful residential suburb to live in, surrounded by larger cities and highways. If you live in Alberton, you probably want to explore the stunning surroundings. Renting to own a car is an affordable way to get a car to visit Gold Reef City, or to take your family to the Apartheid Museum. Renting a car can help you to enjoy the city, take part in activities, go to work and more.

When you rent a car from Earn-A-Car, you will be given a choice between an admin fee and a fixed monthly rental period that suits your budget. You can drive away in an affordable vehicle and after a fixed period, you can own the car (or a brief period if you want to own your earlier).

Here’s how the process works:

  • Sign up by filling out our online application form
  • Have a valid driver’s licence, ID, and proof of employment. No credit check is needed.
  • If you are approved, you can choose an admin fee and monthly rental period that works for your budget
  • Choose from a new or preowned vehicle that fits your budget
  • Pick up your car at a time that’s convenient for you. If you qualify we will contact you to get you in the right car within 24 hours.
  • Enjoy driving your new car
Rent-To-Own Cars
Rent-To-Own Cars

Benefits Of Rent-to-Own Cars Alberton

Why should you rent to own a car in Alberton? Rent-a-car solutions from Earn-A-Car have many benefits:

  • No credit history is required. Your blacklisting or low credit score will not affect your application or ability to get a vehicle from Earn-a-Car
  • You choose a vehicle that you can afford. Your budget, your choice.
  • A quality range of cars to choose from. Choose from a brand new vehicle or preowned vehicle
  • If you are experiencing financial difficulties, you can exchange your vehicle for a more affordable vehicle 
  • Flexible agreement period – you can own your car in your own time or cancel your agreement earlier if needed
  • Easily monthly debit order process for payments
  • Vehicle tracking and roadside assistance are included in your monthly fee
  • Friendly service and assistance if you have issues that arise during your rent-to-own journey
  • If you make payments every month, you can receive at least R300 cash back to use at the end of your contract term.

Do You Need a Car Today In Alberton?

Traditional finance methods make it difficult for Alberton residents to earn a car. You will have to go through a waiting period and fill out forms. There is also little or no chance for you to own a car without a good credit history. Earn-A-Car takes away these stresses and arranges for you to receive a car (without the credit check) within 24 hours.

Whether you need a bakkie, truck, or preowned car, Earn-a-Car can help you to get in the driver’s seat and explore Alberton today.

Rent-to-own cars in Alberton today by contacting Earn-a-Car!