If you are under debt review and would like to have your own car, you may find it challenging or close to impossible to get a car loan from a bank.

With a rent-to-buy car finance plan, you can avoid the lengthy applications, the numerous declines and sky high interest rates. Another benefit is that you won’t be taking out a new line of debt. And, you can own your car in as little as four years.

Earn-a-Car is revolutionising the car buying industry in South Africa. We offer high-quality, pre-owned vehicles at affordable prices that have been checked by our expert mechanics. If you do have a job and earn a consistent monthly income, chances are that you may get approval for your car within a day.

Getting your negative credit record back to positive is your top priority. While many people would prefer not to have the added expense of a car, it is most often a must-have. The logistics of using public transport, frequently having to organise lift sharing opportunities that is in some instances unreliable, combined with the distance that people generally need to travel between their home and workplace, makes owning a car a lot more convenient.

The good news is that you can opt for a rent-to-buy car instead of buying your car upfront, which is a stress-free way to earn your car without exposing yourself to even more financial debt.

We understand the tough road you have travelled, with some detours and dead-ends. With our fleet of 1 000 cars you will find that perfect car that fits into your budget, helping you get back onto the road. We have the easiest 3-step process to rent-to-own a pre-owned car and have assisted over 5 000 clients in the past 10 years. Contact us for more information today.