Are you in the market for a bakkie or a family car? Unlike a zippy city car or the latest sports model, a bakkie or a family car is quite often a necessity. Whether you need the vehicle for work or to transport your family, you may be struggling to move forward with the purchase if you aren’t able to get vehicle finance.

In South Africa, it is becoming increasingly harder to obtain loans from banks. A less-than-perfect credit history or a lack of a credit history can make a bank wary of lending you money.

Rent-to-buy car plans are the ideal solution in this case. With rent-to-own plans for bakkies and family cars, you will only require

  • A minimal down payment
  • Proof of income to get approval.

At Earn-a-Car, we don’t even look at your credit history or do credit checks – our deal is assessed on what you can afford now.

The best part is that you can own your car as quickly as you like. Depending on your financial situation you can take ownership of your car sooner, it all depends on what you can afford. If you want to buy your car earlier than the agreed finance period, then a purchase price will be calculated for you with your cash-back reward built into the price.

One of the other big advantages of our rent-to-buy plans is that we don’t tie you down in a long-term agreement. Our deals are flexible and you can cancel your agreement by giving one calendar months’ notice.

The easiest way to get your bakkie or family car without vehicle finance is to partner with Earn-a-Car for rent-to-buy plans. Find out more about our easy vehicle finance today.