If you want to purchase a car, you need to get easy vehicle finance. What better way to do that – and earn cash while you are at it!

Many vehicle finance companies force you to dig deep into your pockets every month to fork out the money for your premium. However, there is only one vehicle finance company in South Africa that pays you to be one of their clients. Here is how you can earn cash and own the car of your dreams:

  • If you know of anyone that is blacklisted and needs vehicle finance, you can refer them to the one-of-a-kind vehicle finance company. Once you do that and they successfully become a client, you will earn R1000. The more you refer, the more you earn.
  • You can also become a salesman. By spreading the word and targeting those in need of vehicle finance, you stand a great chance to make more money. Each sale puts money in your pocket. The person you helped will then have the option to also become a salesman, thus also earning extra cash!

Earn cash at Earn-A-Car

At Earn-A-Car we want to make every client a happy client, thus offering you the great opportunity to earn extra cash by referring people to us. It does not matter if they are blacklisted – it is what we are there for.

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