You can get R1,000 for referrals to Earn-a-car! Earn-a-car is a company that helps people who have been blacklisted or who have a bad credit record get behind the wheel of a car. No credit check or financing is required, making Earn-a-car ideal for people who have made financial mistakes in the past. If you know someone who could use Earn-a-car’s services, refer them. If your referral results in a signed contract, Earn-a-car will give you R1,000.

Many people go through financial troubles and find themselves with a poor credit record. They may even find themselves on the blacklist, making it close to impossible to get vehicle financing. Chances are, you know someone – or perhaps several people – who are trying to get a car but are struggling with the process. By making referrals to Earn-a-car, you’ll be helping your friends get behind the wheel and get their lives back on track.

Earn-a-car’s referral for cash process is simple:

  • Contact Earn-a-car with the information of people who might need their services;
  • Earn-a-car will contact your referrals;
  • If your referrals are successful, Earn-a-car will pay you R1,000 for each one!

If you’ve used Earn-a-car in the past then you know they are committed to helping people find vehicle they can afford. There are many people who experience financial troubles due to a poor credit record and unconsolidated debts. Earn-a-car’s debt-free programme is the perfect choice for people in a difficult financial situation, because it requires no credit checks or financing.

If you refer people to Earn-a-car and it results in a signed contract, Earn-a-car will deposit R1,000 into your bank account – it’s that simple! Help the people in your life who need a car by making a referral for cash to Earn-a-car today.