It is definitely not easy qualifying for vehicle finance with a blacklisted credit record in South Africa. Even if you do manage to find a financial institution willing to finance your application, chances are you will end up paying an outrageous interest rate. Earn a Car does not believe in penalising its clients for being blacklisted. In fact, they will do their very best to get you mobile with your own vehicle in less than 24 hours after you make your application.

In today’s day and age having access to your own reliable transport is a necessity to making ends meet. Earn a Car’s unique business module offers its clients the opportunity to take ownership of their own vehicles within 4 to 6 years. A percentage of each month’s instalment paid by the client will go towards a cash back bonus at the end of the rental agreement. This amount can either be used to take ownership of the vehicle or the client can use the money any way they want.

Here is what you will need to qualify for vehicle finance in South Africa if you have a blacklisted credit record:

  • Proof of income: You will need to show proof of income and a payslip as part of your application
  • Meet minimum repayments: People with a blacklisted credit record who want to apply for vehicle finance will need to be able to make the minimum monthly repayment of R2500
  • Clear criminal record: Applicants should have no criminal record or any unresolved past issues with Earn a Car
  • Over 25 years of age: Should the applicant with a blacklisted credit record be male, he needs to be over 25 years of age when making the application

Any person with a blacklisted credit record in South Africa is now able to apply for vehicle finance.

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