If you have been blacklisted, you will probably find it difficult to qualify for important things like vehicle and property finance. With blacklisted finance in South Africa, blacklisted consumers now have the chance to qualify for vehicle finance. Having your own transport in South Africa is essential for not only being able to earn a living but maintaining your independence.

Unreliable and underdeveloped public transport systems make it impractical for many consumers to make use of these systems. Many jobs require people to have their own reliable transport, so being without wheels for many people is not even an option. Earn a Car helps blacklisted consumers get access to their own vehicles within 24 hours – by meeting these basic requirements:

  • Driver’s license: Present your driver’s license as part of your blacklisted finance application
  • Upfront payment: Have a minimum upfront payment of R15 000 available with the application
  • Meet the payments: Meet the minimum monthly payment of approx. R2 500 per month
  • Present positive proof of identification: As part of your blacklisted finance application you will need to present a positive form of your identification, preferably your green barcoded ID document
  • Bank statements: Original 3 months bank statement
  • Proof of income: Supply proof of income in the form of a payslip
  • Proof of address: Show proof of residency and have no criminal record

One aspect that separates Earn a Car from all other finance companies is that the company does not perform credit checks on its clients. So even if you are listed on credit bureaus like ITC, it is nothing to be ashamed of and it won’t adversely affect your blacklisted finance in South Africa. Contact Earn a Car to become mobile in less than 24 hours.

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