Potholes are a South African nuisance. Unfortunately, potholes aren’t always avoidable. but you can claim damages if your car hits a pothole. Find out how to claim for pothole damage in South Africa in this guide.

Who can you claim from?

Have you been the victim of the negative effects of potholes? Unfortunately, pothole damage can be costly even if it was a small pothole. The good news is there are insurance policies that have specific pothole insurance. Check with your insurance company to see if they have scratch and dent cover or pothole cover. 

If you don’t want to claim from your insurance, you could get compensation from the roads authority (such as Roadworks South Africa). If your car is going through repairs or pothole patching, your insurance can pay for repairs and they can get reimbursement for this from the roads authority.

How the process works

The process will depend on the road’s agency. If you have car damage that occurred as a result of road potholes, you need to claim from the correct road authority and submit the correct information. If you don’t do this, your claim can be rejected. 

The authority you claim damages from will depend on which road you were driving on when the damage occurred. If the pothole was on a national road, you will have to claim damage through The South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL). If you were travelling on a local road, you need to make a claim with a local road authority (for example the City of Cape Town).

Remember you have to prove that the pothole caused the damage to your car. Keep all evidence such as photos, any info regarding the pothole patch, or surveillance videos on standby. Some documents you will need to claim pothole damage include:

  • Identification document of the driver
  • Driver’s license
  • The registration details of your vehicle that was damaged
  • At least 3 written quotes for repair
  • A police affidavit 

Luckily at Earn-A-Car, we offer accident support and management should your car be involved in an unfortunate pothole accident.

For more info on our support for potholes and damages, contact us today!