South African petrol prices can be quite high. While we wait for the fuel price to be reduced, we can find ways to make our petrol last longer. How do make fuel last longer when petrol prices increase? Here are some tips to help you out.

Tips for saving fuel

  • Fill up in the morning

Only fill up your fuel tank (or diesel tank) in the morning. The reason is that the rise in temperature affects businesses as service stations store their fuel tanks below ground level. The ground temperature in the morning is often at its lowest. The colder the temperature, the more dense fuel you will receive. Buying during warmer times like the afternoon will expand the petrol so you won’t be receiving exactly a litre.

  • Fill your tank when it is half full

To ensure you are paying exact petrol prices per litre, only fill up when your tank is half full. Petrol evaporates quickly. The more fuel you have, the less air you will have occupying the empty space in your tank, which will help with the evaporation. Filling up when your tank is half full will also help you to avoid the costs involved with towing when you run out of petrol altogether. 

  • Avoid buying petrol when the petrol truck is around

If you see a petrol truck pumping petrol into storage tanks, it is advisable to not immediately fill up. It’s likely the petrol or diesel is still being stirred up and you will risk picking up some dirt that is still settling. Wait a bit if you can or go to another station. 

  • Find fuel-efficient cars in South Africa

There is some argument regarding which petrol lasts longer in South Africa but the easier way to save fuel is to purchase the best fuel consumption car in South Africa. These will normally be hybrids or cars with good fuel consumption overall.

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