If you find yourself unable to qualify for vehicle finance due to a poor credit record, there are options blacklisted vehicle finance in South Africa offers to you. Earn a Car is a company dedicated to helping blacklisted consumers become mobile in 24 hours or less and to facilitate them with the eventual ownership of their own vehicle. Earn a Car saw the need in the market to help blacklisted consumers earn their own car through inexpensive, achievable and non-judgemental means.

Clients who meet certain minimum criteria will be well on their way to owning their own vehicle. For every instalment paid by the client, a percentage of that instalment is accumulated as part of the cash back bonus that the client can either use to take eventual ownership of the vehicle or use on anything else.

Here are a few of the minimum requirements to be met:

  • 25 or older: If the applicant for blacklisted vehicle finance happens to be male, he will need to be 25 years old or older
  • Positive proof of identification: Applicants will need to provide a green barcoded ID document with their application
  • Meet minimum repayment: The applicant should be able to meet the minimum monthly repayment of R2500 to qualify for the blacklisted vehicle finance
  • Original bank statements and proof of income: Proof of income and original three month bank statements should accompany each application
  • Minimum upfront payment: Finally the applicant will need to make an upfront payment of R15 000 as part of the application

Should you meet these basic requirements, the experienced staff at Earn a Car will get the ball rolling and have you mobile within 24 hours. Contact Earn a Car for blacklisted vehicle finance in South Africa.

Contact us for blacklisted vehicle finance in South Africa.