The unfair thing about being blacklisted because of a poor credit record is that it only takes one mistake to affect you for many years. A low credit record or a blacklisted status makes it quite hard – sometimes impossible – for you to get financing and loans for different things that you may need. It’s common for people to experience financial difficulties, but unfortunately it can be very difficult to recover from it.

People become blacklisted when they have outstanding debts. These debts usually result because of:

  • Unpaid credit cards
  • Unpaid store credit cards
  • Unpaid mortgages
  • Unpaid bank loans and other loans

If you’ve been blacklisted, have a bad credit record and need to figure out a way to get a car, there are options available to you. First, you should understand that many people in South Africa find themselves blacklisted at some point in their lives. Everyone has financial highs and financial lows, and if you’ve been blacklisted and have a poor credit record, it isn’t permanent. You can repair your credit history by consolidating your outstanding debts.

Finding financing for a car might not always be possible for certain people who are blacklisted due to a bad credit record. If that is the case, there are alternatives. Since so many people are blacklisted in South Africa, some companies – such as Earn-a-car – will work with blacklisted individuals by allowing them to “earn” a car, a process that requires no loans or financing from a bank. When you earn a car, you pay a monthly rental fee which contributes to the cost of purchasing the car. This arrangement is ideal for many people because there is no lending involved.

If you need a car but are afraid you won’t find financing because you are blacklisted and have a poor credit record, contact Earn-a-car for a workable solution!

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