Attending university while having a part time job can be stressful. Having to spend hours waiting for reliable public transport can increase your stress levels even more, as this is time you could be spending studying, or earning more money. Here’s how to make your university experience a learning adventure by having more time to study and getting to your part time job on-time, instead of having to wait for public transport: 

Rent-to-Own and Conquer Your Future

As a student, owning your first car makes up so much of the university experience. From digging between the couch cushions for spare change to buy petrol, to enjoying unforgettable road trips during mid-term breaks with your friends. 

The reality is that university fees are costly. Student loans and bursaries do assist by covering the cost of education. However, many students take on a part time job to pay for living expenses. If you live off campus, the need for reliable transport is even more important. 

Earn-a-Car has a simple, affordable solution in the form of rent-to-own! Here is how it works:

With every monthly payment you make, you are earning your ownership of your car. The easy monthly payments come at a fixed rate without hidden costs and there are a number of added benefits to using the rent-to-own option, which include:

    • No bank loans or vehicle finance applications with high interest rates and complicated legal agreements,
    • You can earn your car without having an existing credit score,
    • Easy monthly payments by debit order, which means you’ll never need to remember to make the payment, 
    • All our cars are reliable and checked by expert mechanics to ensure the safety of our clients,
    • Our cars are fitted with Matrix trackers, and our clients have access to emergency response for your added peace of mind,
    • Accidental, roadside and maintenance assistance is a part of the agreement, so you’ll never be left without a means to take care of your car, and
    • We have a wide variety of fuel efficient cars to suit your pocket.

Partner with Earn-a-Car and rent-to-own your car today.