Having a new baby in the house can be daunting. Motor vehicle finance in South Africa lets you get the best deals without the extra stress.

When buying a car, you always look for the most affordable deals. When blacklisted, it might seem more of a hassle but if you know how to get the right car, you will walk away with a smile!

Getting the right car – the affordable way

  • Understand and use your credit record. Most companies do not help you if your credit record is bad, but companies such as Earn-A-Car will help you get the best deals, even if you are blacklisted.
  • Get finance quotes before you make a decision. Getting quotes will show you at what companies you can afford to buy.
  • When applying for vehicle finance, keep the term at which you pay the money back as short as you can afford.
  • Try to put as much deposit down as possible when purchasing a car.
  • Pay all the extras such as service fees the company charges with cash. That will lower your monthly instalment.

Vehicle finance at Earn-A-Car

Earn-A-Car will help you get vehicle finance, even if you are struggling to make ends meet. If you are blacklisted, we can help you find the right car to suit your needs and ensure that you do not pay a penny more than you should, even if you have a baby on the way!

Contact us today to get more information on the fantastic deals at Earn-A-Car.