Many people struggle to get vehicle financing and are left without a vehicle. For new business owners who rely on a car to get their venture up and running, this can be a real problem because public transport is not always reliable. People often feel embarrassed or ashamed if they aren’t approved for vehicle financing, but thousands of people across the country face similar problems due to bad credit, being blacklisted, or having a not-so-great financial history.

If you’re starting a new business and need a vehicle, here’s how Earn A Car can help you:

  • We have a huge selection of second-hand cars for you to choose from and we don’t require you to obtain vehicle financing in order to lease a car from us.
  • We offer monthly rental agreements which allow you to lease the car for as short a time or as long a time as you want. You can end up owning the car of your choice in as little as four to six years.
  • For every monthly payment you make we’ll give you R300 in cash. Many people choose to use this money for paying towards the final cost of the car at the end of their contract, or you can spend it how you wish.
  • We provide accident management and support and will also lend you a courtesy car in the event of an accident.

Bad credit? Blacklisted? No problem. Call Earn A Car today and learn how we can help

For more information about getting behind the wheel of a car without applying for vehicle financing or obtaining a car loan, or if you have any questions about how Earn A Car works, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We have helped many people make their dreams of owning a car come true and we look forward to assisting you.