Having a car makes your life a lot easier, but for many people who can’t get financing, the idea of owning their own car is far from becoming a reality. No one’s finances are perfect and sometimes people go through hard times. There are several reasons why certain people can’t get financing for a car: perhaps they have a poor credit score, perhaps their bank is strict with its lending practices, perhaps they are between jobs, or perhaps they don’t make enough money to qualify for financing.

If you’ve applied and discovered that you can’t get financing, there are other options:

  • Ask a parent with a better credit score and higher income to be your co-signer
  • Save money for a good sized down payment – the larger your down payment is, the less your monthly payments will be
  • Use a “earn a car” programme, ideal for people who struggle with financing

Earn-a-car’s programme assists people who can’t get financing by allowing them to rent a vehicle for a monthly cost. This solution requires no loans from the bank or any other institutions, and we are more than willing to accommodate people with not so great credit scores and people who were unable to get vehicle financing from banks or other institutions.

If you’re interested in getting a vehicle quickly without going through the hassle of applying for a loan, or you’re afraid that you will be denied a loan because of financial mistakes in your past, Earn-a-Car is an option you should certainly consider. You won’t have to waste time filling out paperwork at the bank, or wait weeks only to hear that you have been denied the financing you requested.

Earn A Car can assist those who can’t get financing – partner with them and your dream of owning a car can come true!

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