Having your car written off after an accident is traumatic. A rent-to-own car from Earn-a-Car is a good option to finance an affordable car and get you back on the road again, whether you received an insurance pay-out or not. Earn-a-Car can also help you with easy vehicle finance if you are blacklisted.

What are the criteria for rent-to-own vehicle finance?

Easy vehicle finance is available from Earn-a-Car, with an easy online application process. Here are the criteria for owning a rent-to-own car.

  1. Do you live in Gauteng or Witbank?
  2. Do you have a valid driver’s license?
  3. Do you have a criminal record?
  4. Do you have a down payment of approximately R16,500?
  5. Are you able to pay a monthly instalment of approximately R4,500 or more? 
  6. Are you a male over the age of 25 years?
  7. Do you have a valid South African ID or proof thereof?
  8. Do you have 3-months original bank statements?
  9. Do you have your latest payslip or proof of income?
  10. Have you been driving for longer than 5 years?
  11. Do you have proof of your physical address?

The once-off down payment and total monthly payment is determined by the vehicle you choose, and there are over one thousand cars to choose from. 

Does the rent-to-own vehicle finance agreement include insurance?

Earn-a-Car goes that extra mile for its clients. When you purchase a rent-to-buy vehicle, the agreement includes comprehensive accident cover, vehicle breakdown and roadside assistance, comprehensive vehicle warranty cover and vehicle tracking.  

Earn-a-car has helped over five thousand people get access to affordable vehicle finance with no hidden terms and conditions, whilst delivering great customer service.  For more information, visit our website and find out the best way to finance an affordable rent-to-own car.