If you are keen on buying a second-hand car and are hoping to find the best vehicle finance that promises a low, worry-free interest rate, stop what you’re doing right now. Earn-A-Car have a much better proposition for you!


At Earn-A-Car, we specialise in helping our clients get hold of a vehicle in South Africa. We make it possible for them to consider buying a car while blacklisted and to find the best car with bad credit with the help of our rent-to-own model. Basically, you choose the vehicle that you want to drive and sign up to rent it on a long-term basis. You pay a monthly fee and in less than 6 years, that same car will be all yours!

Think Fixed Monthly Payments 

One of the main advantages of turning to us for the best vehicle ownership solution is the fact that we offer you fixed monthly payments. You’re guaranteed that they will remain the same throughout your chosen rental period.

Think No Hidden Costs 

Another stand-out feature is that we promise clients absolutely no hidden costs. Budgeting for your vehicle is now straightforward and totally stress-free.

Think Comprehensive Accident Cover 

Finally, we also offer comprehensive accident cover on the vehicles we have on offer. Vehicle tracking is also a great option to consider!

So, the next time you’re in search of the best vehicle option with no worry around interest rates, consider the rent-to-own alternative at Earn-A-Car! Contact us for more information today.