Roughly a quarter of all South Africans are not eligible for conventional motor vehicle financing, due to being blacklisted, or having poor credit records.  Why not refer them to Earn-a-car?

Earn-a-car provides a unique solution, by giving anyone who can meet certain basic requirements (and fulfill our fair, flexible terms and conditions) the chance to select a top-quality car from our substantial pre-owned range and drive it away within 24 hours, guaranteed.

It’s an amazing, value-added “rent-buy-offer” that assists those who would not otherwise be able to own a car, and gives you the chance to earn money – for helping us to help them!

Just refer their details to us, and – for every successful “converted lead” – you’ll automatically earn R1,000!

Here’s how:

  • Wise-up on the details of Earn-a-car’s guaranteed finance and credit-check-free promise.
  • Tell your family and friends how they can get an incredible, immediate “wheel deal”, and own a car through Earn-a-car.
  • Introduce them to us by forwarding their details (name, telephone number and e-mail address if possible) via sms, or Earn-a-car’s user friendly e-form.
  • Once the paperwork is done and they’ve signed up for the Earn-a-car programme, we’ll notify you, and R1,000 will be paid to you instantly.
  • You can choose between accessing the money via a special cash withdrawal ATM pin, or directly through your bank account.
  •  Every completed deal based on a lead referred by you will earn you a R1,000 commission.

In today’s tough economic climate, everyone knows someone who could get by with a little help from their friends, and drive the car they deserve.  To find out how to lend a hand – and earn extra income by becoming a part-time salesperson – contact us at Earn-a-car now!