Buying a used car doesn’t mean that it’s any less valuable to you than a brand new car. If you’re lucky enough to have dealt with easy vehicle finance companies such as Earn-a-car and have got a good deal, chances are that you will be even more determined to keep your car safe from theft. We often hear of individuals who finally get the vehicle finance in South Africa that they have wanted, only to have their vehicle stolen a few months into the contract. We have compiled a few top tips for keeping your used car safe from theft:

  • Ensure that you take the time to set comprehensive insurance cover in place. This type of insurance will cover the costs of an accident or theft of your vehicle.
  • Make sure that a tracking system is installed in your vehicle in the event of the vehicle being stolen, it can be tracked and hopefully recovered.
  • Install smash and grab film on all windows. This will deter thieves from breaking into your vehicle to steal it, as their quick sight / view into the vehicle will be disturbed.
  • Ensure that an alarm system and immobiliser is installed.

These are just a few ways in which you can protect your vehicle from theft. At Earn-a-car we provide our clients with R300 cash back on every instalment paid. This amount can be used for additional security systems and features to be installed and maintained. We also include a vehicle tracking system in every vehicle sale. Not many vehicle finance companies will be able to match this type of offering.

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If you’re looking to invest in a new or used vehicle and don’t want to break the bank, chat to us at Earn-a-car about how you can earn your car and actually earn cash too, with our help. For more information and advice on easy vehicle finance, contact us at Earn-a-car via email or telephone today.