Does the following scenario sound all too familiar?  You have your heart set on a car you spotted at a local motor dealer. You can definitely afford the monthly repayments, so – armed with your ID, drivers’ license, bank statements and proof of income – you apply for vehicle finance.  Everything seems in order.  While the consultant processes your details, you imagine yourself driving proudly out of there!  But why is it taking so long? After an agonising wait, you hear the dreaded words, “I’m sorry sir, but your application has been declined…”

Usually, it’s due to a poor credit record, which can include anything from a blacklisting with the ITC, to something minor, like “slow payment”. Even though you may be used to this kind of disappointment, you still feel crushed, ashamed and unworthy.

It may reassure you to know that you’re not alone; a quarter of all South Africans have “been there, done that and got the bad credit T-shirt”. To help clients like you, Earn-a-car has pioneered a very different approach to vehicle finance in Gauteng.

We realise that credit checks can bring up long-forgotten, often minor payment lapses, which affect your rating forever. That’s why we don’t do them! Instead, the Earn-a-car mission is to get our clients mobile ASAP, with the minimum of fuss, through a flexible rent-to-buy vehicle finance solution.

What’s more, Earn-a-car guarantees you the wheels of your choice from our fleet of top-quality pre-owned vehicles, within 24 hours of successfully applying!  And we’re so confident of meeting our promise that we’ll lend you another car (all-expenses-paid) for a month, if we can’t find the perfect match.

It’s quick and easy to sign up with Earn-a-car.  All you need to do is meet certain basic requirements, and undertake to make a minimum monthly payment for the duration of a specific period. Part of your contract with Earn-a-car includes a host of value-for-money extras, such as comprehensive accident cover, vehicle tracking, and a cash-back loyalty reward.

At the end of the stipulated term, you’ll not only own the car, but also have a clean credit record, so contact Earn-a-car today for vehicle finance in Gauteng!