Buying a second-hand vehicle is a popular choice among first time car buyers like students and recent graduates. Not only is it cost effective, but it gives new drivers an opportunity to make those first time driving mistakes on a car that isn’t quite as expensive as a new one. Then there’s the issue of insurance. Vehicle finance in South Africa can be so difficult that most first time car buyers don’t know whether they’re coming or going when it comes to insuring their used vehicle. Enter Earn-A-Car, a vehicle rent to own company that provides easy access to a pre-owned vehicle that won’t give you a headache.


Getting Your Used Vehicle Insured

Getting your used vehicle insured is a breeze with Earn-a-Car, thanks to their comprehensive cover against accidents and other unexpected events. This includes accident management and support, cover against theft, fire, loss, a towing subsidy, breakdown assistance, a courtesy car in the case of a mishap and even a R250 contribution towards your car servicing costs. In addition, Earn-a-Car provides clients with mechanical warranty to give you peace of mind.


Did we mention that all of this comes as part of your monthly instalment? Yep! Plus, you get to earn R300 cash back every month when you pay your instalment on time. Money you can use to spoil yourself or save to help you put a down payment on another car later. Or you can choose to receive it as a lump sum at the end of your rental agreement with Earn-A-Car, so that you own your faster.


Get an Affordable Vehicle from Earn-a-car

Earn-A-Car gives you peace of mind with easy vehicle rent to own, while making the process of insuring your car super simple. This innovative and comprehensive approach is what sets Earn-A-Car apart as one of the best vehicle finance and rent to own companies in South Africa. For more info on how we can help you get the best pre-owned vehicle, contact us today on 080 327 6222.