Not everyone grew up with a family member teaching them the ins-and-outs of car maintenance. While your learner’s license educates you about traffic signs and road safety, it does not really give you any insights into how you should keep your car maintained and safe. Here are a few things that every car owner should know about their vehicle:

  • When to Change Your Oil

How often should your oil be changed? Be sure to check the car manufacturer’s manual to make sure about the specifications for your car, but the general rule of thumb is to have it changed every 10 000km. Not having enough oil in your car can lead to excessive heating, oxidation, and thermal degradation. Other vehicle fluids that you should regularly check include:

  • Brake fluid,
  • Windshield washer fluid,
  • Coolant, and
  • Power steering fluid.
  • When to Replace Your Windshield Wipers

This is something that people consistently procrastinate on or simply don’t know. Your windshield wipers should be replaced at least once a year. Remember that clear visibility is the key to keeping you safe on the road when it rains, so be sure to avoid skimping on this.

  • Spare Tyre and Related Tools

At some point or another, you will probably get a flat tyre. Know where your car’s spare tyre is (it is generally located in the boot of your car) and how to remove it from your vehicle. Also, make sure you have the associated tools such as a jack, and check your spare tyre once a year to make sure it isn’t flat.

  • Headlights and Taillights

Besides running the risk of getting a fine, malfunctioning or too dim headlights or taillights can put your life at risk. Be sure to check them at least twice a year and before every road trip.

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