Found your dream pre-owned vehicle at a great price? That’s reason enough to celebrate. But have you done your due diligence by getting a qualified mechanic to conduct a thorough vehicle inspection? This step can save you thousands of Rands in the long run, while giving you the peace of mind that you have purchased a reliable and safe car for you and your family.

Protecting and empowering the buyer

The age-old mantra of ‘ Customer is King’ is as true as ever in the business of buying pre-owned vehicles. However, you must have the confidence and skills to ensure you are safeguarding yourself from any pitfalls that you may encounter. One of the most important steps is conducting an independent mechanical inspection so you are not taken for a ride, literally.

Knowing the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) is another tool to empower yourself as it ensures that consumers are provided with all the essential information while purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. The displayed cost price must also include all additional fees including licensing, road fees, VAT etc.

Protecting and empowering the buyer - Importance of an independent mechanical inspection

Check your receipt before leaving the dealership as it must contain the date of transaction, all details regarding the supplier, vehicle description etc.

Finally, check if the vehicle still retains its original engine and if not, request for a police clearance for assurance of the new engine in place.

At Earn-a-Car, we assure you with written proof of the vehicle’s original condition so there are no hidden costs involved later. This is further cemented as we offer excellent deals on renting our pre-owned vehicles, giving you the time and luxury to fully understand the vehicle before purchase.!