Are you blacklisted and in need of finance for a car? Banks usually do not lend money to people who are blacklisted, and improving your credit score and getting yourself removed from the blacklist can take quite a long time. While it is important to work toward raising your credit score, a lot of blacklisted people need a car now!

Due to the high number of people who are blacklisted, alternative finance options are available to help you get the car you need. A common solution is to use an “earn a car” programme, such as the one offered by Earn-a-car in South Africa. When you partner with Earn-a-car, you aren’t required to get any financing. Many people prefer to use a programme like this because they accept people who have been blacklisted and they do not require a credit check.

If you opt for the earn-a-car option, there are several simple steps that will have you on your way to getting behind the wheel:

  • Agree on a monthly payment for the car, which goes toward the cost of owning the vehicle
  • Select a car from the available inventory
  • Make monthly payments while having full access to the car

It’s that simple. There are no credit checks and you won’t be penalised if you’ve been blacklisted and can’t get finance from a bank. Plus, making your monthly payments will help improve your bad credit record. So if you’re in need of a car and are frustrated because your financial past is preventing you from getting a loan, consider an earn a car programme. Earn-a-car is willing and able to help you.

Instead of wasting time filling out loan applications only to be denied finance because you‘ve been blacklisted, give Earn-a-car a call today and see what they can do for you!

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