If you have a less than immaculate credit record, or have been listed as a “slow payer”, you’ll understand the frustration of trying to apply for blacklisted financing, not to mention the inevitable sense of disappointment, when – after a routine credit check – your request is met with denial.

Although you may fulfill every other requirement, once your name appears on the ITC blacklist, the likelihood of your securing a loan is pretty much zero.

Unfortunately, the same applies when you want to buy a decent-quality motor vehicle from a reputable dealer, as opposed to some banged-up, geriatric “skedonk” advertised in the classifieds.

With roughly a quarter of all South Africans in the same powerless situation due to being blacklisted, you’re not alone!

At Earn-a-car, we understand that nowadays a customer’s creditworthiness can be eternally prejudiced by one or two small past slips, and that’s why we’ve devised a unique solution: a special “rent-to-buy” model that allows you to own a quality vehicle – without the need for embarrassing credit checks, or financing!

About the Earn-a-car package

  • You qualify for the Earn-a-car programme if you: possess a valid driver’s license and ID; can supply bank statements and proof of income; are able to make a specified minimum deposit and ongoing monthly repayment, and do not have a criminal record.
  • If you meet these basic requirements and your application is approved, we’ll find a car to match your criteria from our extensive fleet of quality pre-owned vehicles, within 24 hours, guaranteed. (If not, we’ll provide you with an all-expenses-paid vehicle, for a full month.)
  • Our competitively-priced, flexible contract includes a comprehensive warranty, tracking system, emergency response, accident cover and support, plus lots of value-added extras, including a cash-back loyalty reward.
  • Once you’ve fulfilled the contract terms via regular payments over a stipulated, limited period, the car will be yours – from windscreen wipers, to wheels!

Earn-a-car may not have the solution to all your financial difficulties, but we’ll definitely get you back on the road, in the car of your choice, while you rehabilitate your credit record.

Contact us now and make yourself more upwardly mobile! Find out more about our blacklisted finance solutions.