There is a solution available to you if you are in need of blacklisted finance. Many people who have been blacklisted find it difficult if not near to impossible to qualify for traditional vehicle finance from South Africa’s major banks. Those that are indeed willing to offer help punishes blacklisted consumers with incredibly high interest rates and other ridiculous fees.

This is the complete opposite way how Earn-a-Car operates. They provide a real and valuable way for blacklisted consumers to earn their own car, without taking them to the cleaners. In fact, they will do everything in their power to get you mobile within 24 hours of receiving your application. Their financing is affordable and maintainable and offers you the flexibility to continue with your contract or give them sufficient notice and return the vehicle.

This is how Earn-a-Car can help you to earn your own car in five years or less: 

  • Choose your car: You can choose the car you want from Earn a Car and apply for the blacklisted finance to finance your vehicle of choice
  • Earn cash: You will earn cash for every completed month that you rent the car from Earn-a-Car. You can use this accumulated cash along with your upfront payment fee to pay for your car at the end of the rental term
  • Upfront fee is not lost: Don’t worry about ever losing your upfront fee when you apply for blacklisted finance, as it will be credited to your purchase of the car once the rental term expires or you can get it back in cash

If you are in the market for blacklisted finance in South Africa then contact Earn-a-Car

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