Getting a car loan or vehicle financing is not difficult but if you have any bad credit or you are blacklisted the process may be a little bit harder than anticipated. Many companies may not be too keen on giving customers credit if they are blacklisted purely for the fact you have bad credit and there are chances they may not get their money. The unfortunate thing is many people are blacklisted for circumstances which may have been out of their control or they may have paid a few months less than agreed, which registers them as slow payers.

How can we give you affordable vehicle financing?

Whether you are blacklisted or not we would be able to offer you affordable vehicle finance for any second hand car. The only thing you will need, which will be the main priority, is a fixed income and proof thereof. You will also need to be able to put down a sum as a down payment. You can contact us to find out whether or not you will be approved for a car loan. You can also specify the approximate monthly payment you can make. Your request will be reviewed and you could receive an answer within 24 hours. You can click here to learn more about us.

What else can Earn-A-Car offer you?

Not only can we offer you vehicle financing but we have another great incentive. For every person you refer to us and they contact us for a used car, you can stand a chance to win a little bit extra cash. We have so many benefits and you can find out how everything works by clicking here.